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Professional Pet Odor Removal

A “light” cleaning is most appropriate for slight odor problems.

The areas are pre-treated with an enzyme and deodorizing spray and is allowed to set for a certain amount of time. 

This promotes the action of the enzymes, which break down the urine and other odor-causing elements naturally.

The carpet is also brushed to remove pet hair that is missed by standard vacuum cleaners.

The area is then rinsed and finished by the commercial-grade machines to ensure that all products and odors are removed.

A “deep” cleaning is appropriate for situations where the odor-causing elements have invaded the carpet pad and sub-floor.


All layers are thoroughly treated in this process to ensure that there are no hidden areas that will cause problems later. 

The carpet and pad are pulled back and the sub-floor is cleaned and sealed.  Then the pad is treated with a strong enzyme solution and placed back onto the sub-floor.

Next, the carpet is given the same enzyme treatment.  This is followed by a brushing of the carpet to remove any stubborn hair, and lastly, the area is steam cleaned by our commercial-grade machines to remove all waste products.

Household pets are valued members of the family, but they can create stains and odors that are difficult to treat.  

​The Clean Nest technicians will inspect the problem areas to determine if a light cleaning or deep cleaning is necessary to effectively address these issues.